New 2023 Pagani C10 release date, price

Horacio Pagani is working on a new supermodel that has the working name Pagani C10. The premiere is scheduled for next year, but some technical details have already been announced.

New Pagani C10 car rims
New Pagani C10 (source: Pagani)

The first draft of the C10 was made in 2017, and now it is in the phase of a prototype that can be driven. The car uses a new version of the Mercedes-AMG twin-turbocharged V12 engine. The C10 has 30hp to 40hp more than the Huayra, and customers will be able to choose between a manual and two-clutch automatic transmission.

New Pagani C10 2022
New Pagani C10 Interior (source: Pagani)

Pagani revealed in an interview with the Italian Quattro Route that the company focused on handling, not absolute strength, and that the most attention was paid to reducing weight compared to any other aspect of the design.

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When will be the 2023 Pagani C10 released

The National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan was chosen as the location for the premiere. The company does not have an exact date yet, but the plan is for it to be in June or September 2022.

Pagani plans to make 280 to 300 copies of the C10, and that number includes all variants – coupes, roadsters and special models. The owner of the company mentioned that everyone already has customers and that the interest from the USA alone was enough for the entire planned production.

Pagani believes that his company will be able to make cars with SUS drive at least until 2026, and then European Union regulations will come into force, which could force this manufacturer to switch to hybrid drives.

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The owner of the exclusive Italian brand said that the company has been working on the electric vehicle since 2018, but that no client has expressed interest in such a drive.

New 2023 Pagani C10 front top view
New 2023 Pagani C10 (source: Instagram / Gol.ldigger) (Updated January 04, 2022) 

Pagani C10 2023 MSRP

(Updated January 04, 2022) New Pagani C10 2023 estimated price is expected around €3 million or $3,385,400.

source: motorauthority

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