Bentley unveils new Continental GT S

Bentley has introduced the sporty S variant of the third generation Continental GT and GTC models. The car did not get more power than the standard one, but changes were made to the suspension and cosmetic details.

The S specifications include, as standard, Dynamic Ryde suspension with an active anti-tilt system for faster cornering and greater comfort. The four-liter V8 engine delivers 550hp and 770Nm of maximum torque.

Acceleration time of 0-100km / h remains 4 seconds and top speed 318km / h. Here, the V8 engine is better heard due to the new sports exhaust system.

The cosmetic package brings new 22-inch wheels with black chrome and contrasting red jaws underneath. Additional black details are on the radiator grille, and the front and rear light groups are dimmed. You received a dark treatment in four pipes of the exhaust system.

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The changes in the cabin are more subtle and come down to replacing the “Bentley Motors Ltd” plate with the illuminated S mark, and the same logo is inscribed on the seat backs. The digital instrument panel is taken from the sports edition of the Continental GT, and the graphics are focused on performance.

The Continental GT S is expected to cost significantly more than the standard GT and its starting price of £ 157,900, but will be cheaper than the GT Speed ​​model, which costs £ 209,900.

source: bentleymotors

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