New potential details of WB Montreal second DC game

WB Games Montreal is currently working on Gotham Knights, a new Batman game that should come out this year. But they seem to be working on another project, and that’s on another DC game. At least that’s what we learn from unofficial sources and their latest job ad.

WB Games Montreal is currently working on Gotham Knights (source: WB Games)


WB Montreal has published a job advertisement for work on the AAA game. There aren’t too many details about what kind of game it is, but previous rumors have often mentioned a new Superman game, and even a new Justice League game. It is also possible that this development team is not the main studio behind the game, but that it is part of the support they used to be, so it is possible that someone else from Warner Bros. is working on the game. It may even be the already announced Wonder Woman, but that has not been confirmed either.

For now, everything remains in the domain of rumors and speculation.

source:  twitter

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