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Twelve years after he died of stomach cancer, legendary heavy metal musician Ronnie James Dio got his own biographical documentary. And it is a school-made bio-doc in which we follow the protagonist’s life from beginning to end with numerous archival recordings, interviews of witnesses of the time and archival interviews of Dio himself. The director is the duo Don Argott – Demian Fenton, who previously had experience in shooting rock documentaries, and the most famous example is certainly “Last Days Here”. And “Dio: Dreamers Never Die” is a documentary that is basically nothing to complain about, but it is a documentary that most certainly will not intrigue those for whom the name Ronnie James Dio means nothing.

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On the other hand, those who are familiar with the character and work of this heavy – hard rock veteran, will not really get anything new and something they didn’t already know about the singer whose career lasted more than half a century and who today is celebrated by many as the best heavy metal vocalist. all time. We follow that story of Dio from the beginning. From his childhood in inner New York when this boy from an Italian-American family was “infected” with music and when he had his first bands as a teenager. However, when rock heavyweights such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin appeared, he found himself there and then began his long journey and persistent breakthrough on the scene. Then followed Rainbow, Black Sabbath, finally his band, and the nineties when nobody listened to heavy metal anymore, and as it usually happens, only in the later years, its importance and influence was finally recognized.

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