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PEBBLES (2021, IND) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating



This typical offshoot of World Cinema was also an Indian Oscar nominee, but as expected, “Pebbles” or “Koozhangal” didn’t even make the shortlist. This drama takes us about real people from some exotic corner of the world and their problems to rural India in the far south of this vast country. The screenwriter and director of PS Vinothraj designed the story based on a real event in his family, and we follow the fate of a father and son. Immediately in the introductory scene, the violent father and the drunkard break into the village school and pull their son out of it in order to go together to pick up his wife or mother, whom he previously chased out of the house. The woman returned to her parents, and when he must have recovered a little from the booze and realized what he had done, the father decided to bring the lady back.

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They will set off on a journey in unbearable heat and heat, and the basic premise here is quite simple. The focus is on the personal drama of the boy that his father drags with him from village to village, and it is clear that the little one is not comfortable at all. He does not want to go with his father and fears that he could kill his mother once he finds her, and this is a film that talks about the still primitive customs there and the patriarchy in which a woman is still reduced to the level of property. The photography here is really exceptional, everything here seems completely authentic and convincing, but still “Pebbles” remained a rather average film. Rating 6/10.

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