Polestar 3 2022 Electric SUV photo teased Price, Release Date


The Polestar brand is preparing its third model for 2022, and as announced, it will be a sports SUV with electric drive.

Their first model is a Polestar 1 coupe with plug-in hybrid drive, while the second fully electric Polestar 2 sedan is made on the CMA platform.

Polestar 3 2022 Electric SUV photo teased  front side view
Polestar 3 2022 Electric SUV (source: Polestar)


Unlike the aforementioned two models made in China, the future Polestar 3 SUV will be made at Volvo’s factory in South Carolina, United States. The Volvo S60 has been produced there since 2018, and a new generation of the XC90 SUV will join it next year.

For now, it is known that the Polestar 3 SUV will get a new platform for electric Polestar and Volvo vehicles, an advanced autonomous driving system and infotainment with Google Android Automotive operating system, with the announcement that the interior will feature a minimalist design.

Polestar 3 2022 Electric SUV specs

Technical specifications are yet to be published.

In September, Polestar confirmed that this brand will present three new electric cars in the next three years.

Polestar 3 Electric SUV release date

The first will be the Polestar 3 EV SUV in early 2022, then in 2023 we will see the Polestar 4 (announced as a “sports Coupe-SUV”, rival of the Porsche Macana EV), and finally the Polestar 5 luxury sedan which will be introduced in 2024. , as a competitor to Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan.

The head of Polestar pointed out even earlier that “we will see one new Polestar car a year for the next three years, and that these cars are already designed and ready to come.”

Finally, the plan is to increase sales from 29,000 Polestar vehicles per year (as many as this year) to 290,000 by 2025.

2022 Polestar 3 Electric SUV cost

Starting prices for Polestar 3 2022 Electric SUV is expected to range between $70,000 and $85,000.

source: autoweek

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Polestar Teases Its Upcoming Electric SUV, The Polestar 3, Set For Release In 2022 / Stocks Analysis