Pregnancy test - where to buy and what is the price

Pregnancy test – where to buy and what is the price


Pregnancy test in pharmacies, drugstores and web stores

Today, every woman can find out if she is pregnant, without ordering from a gynecologist, taking a day off and waiting in waiting rooms. There are many different three-day tests available on the market, the price depends on the manufacturer and the mao-sale where you buy them, but a more expensive test does not mean a more accurate result. Pregnancy test in pharmacies, drugstores and online stores, since it does not require a prescription, many women buy it in online pharmacies and drugstores. False positive or false negative results can be shown in women who have irregular menstruation or have some other more serious health problems.

Pregnancy test for home testing is a wonderful ally to women who are afraid of unwanted pregnancies, as well as to women who hope for a positive result and the desired pregnancy in each test. If your period is one to two days late and you normally have a regular menstrual cycle, do a home test that will check for beta HCG, which is the pregnancy hormone, and you will know what you are up to.

Pregnancy test - where to buy and what is the price
Pregnancy test in the form of a urine strip (source: Pinterest)


Pregnancy test in the form of a urine strip or in the form of a stick for immersion in urine

Newer tests are getting better, more practical, and more accurate, but mostly two types of tests are still available. Pregnancy testing is always done in the morning, with the first morning urine, when the concentration of the hormone is in the urine. Pregnancy test in the form of a urine strip or in the form of a stick for immersion in urine, both tests are accurate, but some women prefer strips and some more a stick that can be dipped in a cup of urine. If you get a negative test and your period is still late, you can repeat the test in a few days. If the test is positive, whether you want to keep the pregnancy or not, you should visit a gynecologist.


A positive test also imposes detailed examinations on women who want to conceive, and the most important thing is to determine that it is not an ectopic pregnancy by chance, to begin with. A pregnancy test, if used properly, gives accurate results, but can be false negative even if you are pregnant, if your pregnancy hormone levels are low.


Pregnancy Test Study the instructions and recommendations that come with each test

You can only trust the test if you use it correctly, if you think you made a mistake while taking the test, you’d better repeat the test the next day, this time correctly. Pregnancy test study the instructions and recommendations that you receive with each test, because the correct results depend on the correct handling of the test. You do not need to let the entire morning urine content over the stick, a small amount is enough, if you do not control the strength, amount and speed of the morning jet, choose a urine cup and a dip stick.

Women who wait long and eagerly for pregnancy, once they get a positive test, repeat it several times because they do not believe their eyes. The pregnancy test is a small female ally throughout the reproductive period. Home testing reduces crowds in gynecological waiting rooms, and reduces stress for women because they know what they are up to in just a few seconds. Of course, when you finally go to your gynecologist after the third or fourth test, he may do a different type of test and additional examinations as needed.

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