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THE CONFERENCE (2022, NJE) – 8/10


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On January 20, 1942, in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee, the Nazi elite met to find a final solution to the Jewish question. The persecution of the Jews under the Nazis began even earlier, of course, but this conference was a key moment because right there and then they agreed on a way to get rid of 11 million European Jews. Experienced German (mostly) television director Matti Geschonneck filmed a shocking historical drama that tries to portray that gruesome moment as authentically and accurately as possible. The meeting was convened by the head of the Main Security Office of the Reich, Reinhard Heydrich (who would be killed a few months later in the Czech Republic), and numerous lawyers, diplomats, ministers, commanders of the conquered territories arrived in Wannsee to reach what will be remembered in history. as a Final Solution.

What is most disturbing and shocking in this whole horrible story is that it all looks as if they are arranging a union party or a trip to Kumrovec, and not a way to exterminate an entire nation. They all behave more or less normally and they all agree that the Jews simply must be exterminated. The only problem is in what way, because the original plan to put them in ships and send them to Madagascar failed because the British control the sea. And there are some minimal differences in opinions and attitudes, some are in favor of more cruel ideas, some think what to do with those who are not pure-blooded Jews, but are only half or a quarter, what to do with such?

Some believe that shooting is too complicated and expensive and that they would waste too many precious bullets, and all of them consider themselves to be a kind of doctors of Germany and responsible for racial hygiene. Of course, it is necessary to agree on how they will divide the money of all those Jews they are planning to kill, and lists and statistics of how many Jews there are in certain parts of conquered Europe and those regions that are still planning to be conquered are also ready. Everything here is completely insane and all these Nazis are completely convinced that it is only a matter of time when they will fulfill the Führer’s plans and conquer all of Europe, and later probably the rest of the world.

Although practically the entire film takes place there in the conference room where all these nits met or in the nearby buffet where they drink and eat while considering ideas and working out plans, Geschonneck made a striking and exceptional historical drama. Although there is no one from the German acting A list, there are quality actors who look more or less familiar and all of them are more than convincing. Regardless of the fact that “Die Wannseekonferenz” is almost a classic television movie, it was made with exceptional quality and all those who are interested in such historical stories will definitely not miss this movie.