The YouTube mobile app gets a new experience full screen

The YouTube mobile app gets a new experience full screen

In November last year, we noticed that YouTube tests the new look of your player in full screen that displays buttons for some of the most commonly used features: likes or dislikes, viewing comments, adding a video to a playlist, and sharing with friends or family. Three months later, the company began to officially introduce this new design to all users.

The YouTube mobile app gets a new experience full screen

The new look is a significant step in usability compared to the previous design which hid all these features behind the uplink movement. The “More videos” option is now in the lower right corner of the player, although it remains available by swiping up on the screen. It is also still possible to exit the player in full screen by swiping down. As before, you can check the video description by clicking on the title.

The changes are limited to full-screen landscape player and are not applicable when videos are played vertically, where all these buttons and shortcuts have been available for a long time. Ironically, the new design makes it easier to download the video in full screen mode, but the change comes after the company started hiding the public number of discs.

The gesture of dragging up interfered with the navigation movement on many Android devices, which led to a poor user experience, so this is a welcome change. The new video player user interface displays important options instead of hiding them and making it easier to access comments, which previously required you to switch to portrait mode, open a section, and return to full screen.

This is a change on the server side by Google and should arrive on your Android device in the coming days and weeks, although the change is already active for certain users. The company has also confirmed that the new look will come to iOS devices, reports Android Police.

source: Android Police


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