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WHAT DO WE SEE WHEN WE LOOK AT THE SKY? (2021, GEO) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating

Georgian filmmaker with a German address Alexandra Koberidze presented himself with this avant-garde, subversive, surreal and even a bit experimental romantic drama – fantasy in the main program of the festival in Berlin. From the beginning to the end, it is completely unusual, mysterious, fairytale-like. The plot is located in the Georgian city of Kutaisi during the World Cup, and right at the beginning there will meet two strangers and fall in love at first sight. More precisely, on the second day, because on the same day, a medical student who works at the Lisa pharmacy will twice run into the football player Giorgi.

It will act in those moments as if it is a bit on the trail of the French new wave romances of the sixties and of course they will arrange a chunk the next evening at a nearby cafe. But after they break up after another chance encounter, the narrator who is there for the rest of the film will tell us that they were cursed by some evil eye. The next morning, both Lisa and Giorgi will wake up as completely different people, in some other bodies, and they will be left without their talents. Both are, of course, shocked and it is not clear to them what happened, and when they arrive at the agreed meeting place, of course they cannot recognize each other. However, they will have to continue with their lives in a new physical form and with a lack of ability and knowledge for their previous skills, so Lisa will be employed as a waitress, while the same uncle will employ Giorgi in some bizarre job in the middle of the square.

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Whether there is a chance that these two people will fall in love and recognize each other again is the main question of this twisted and bizarre fairy tale, and a film crew that could appear somewhere in the middle of the film looking for couples for the documentary they are filming could help. Everything is completely strange from beginning to end, a bit metafilm, the narrator is constantly telling and explaining something, but even that information is somehow surreal, bizarre. It is a film that seems to be out of this world, and yet it seems to be very earthly. Although it is stylistically interesting and original, I can’t really say that this strange, strange film of interesting poetics and spirit particularly impressed me. Rating 6.5 / 10.

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