You will soon be able to stream your Meet Meetings

You will soon be able to stream your Meet Meetings live to YouTube

Google Meet is one of the most popular video communication services, but it has some serious drawbacks. It only allows you to host meetings with up to 500 people at a time and they must be part of your organization’s workspace. Whatever the reason for the restriction, users have asked the company to increase it or allow Meet streaming to an external platform. Google has now introduced another option and aims to include YouTube streaming later this year. Video calls have been popular since the time of Skype, but the pandemic has made them a daily necessity for many.

The technology is now so widespread that almost everyone uses it – individuals to keep in touch with friends and family, online conferencing companies, etc. Google says live streaming participants will also be able to participate in surveys, and questions and answers, later this year. Of course, not everyone attending the virtual event will be on your Workspace domain, which makes the next part of this announcement even better. Live streaming on YouTube is coming to Google Meet, and when launched later in 2022, it will be displayed on the activity tab. Google also promises some security updates. First, client-side encryption will leave the beta phase, and will arrive at Meet in May. This will be followed by optional end-to-end encryption for all meetings in the coming months. Meet has received a lot of attention from Google with recent announcements of updates.

The platform is becoming better integrated with other Workspace applications such as Documents, Spreadsheets and Slides. Google is finally implementing emoji reactions, allowing you to communicate in meetings in an unobtrusive way, Android Police reports.

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