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Elizabeth Dean Lail Biography, Sister, Husband

Elizabeth Dean Lail is an American movie and television actress. This became widely known after playing the role of Anna in the American ABC channel in the fantasy genre Once Once a Time.

In her creative biography, the actress has only 12 roles in television and movie projects, including participation in popular American entertainment programs: “The Sidewalks Entertainment Show,” “You“, “Gossip Girl” tv show.

Elizabeth Dean Lail Biography

Elizabeth Dean Lail actress (Photo source: WikiBio)

Elizabeth Lail was born in the United States on March 25, 1992 (age 29 years). The girl spent her first years in Texas and then the family moved to North Carolina.

Her father, Dean Franklin Lail, was the dean of one of the university’s colleges, and her mother, Kay Lurene Surratt, ran the household and raised the children. Elizabeth Lail has a sister named Kathryn Dean Lail. She is married to Nieku Manshadi in 2021.

Kathryn Dean Lail is best known for being the elder sister of famous American actress Elizabeth Lail.

Fun Facts about Kathryn Dean Lail

  • Kathryn flaunts her dark black hair.
  • As of now, Kathryn Dean Lail is 31 years of age.
  • Her father’s name is Dean Franklin Lai, and her mother’s name is Kay Lurene Surratt.
  • Kathryn’s cousin is John Surratt.
  • Kathryn’s Instagram is kept private by her.
Kathryn Dean Lail and sister Elizabeth Dean Lail (Photo source: Twitter)

Creativity and theater took the girl away from school, and her family strongly supported her in her desire to achieve success on stage. Although the parents were not involved in art, they tried to instill good taste in the girls and took them to the theater and cinema for the best plays and films.

Elizabeth Dean Lail once watched the play “Les Miserables” and was so impressed with the actress ’acting that she literally got excited about wanting to go on stage, and also played one of the roles in the famous play.

When the girl was 13, her mother sent her to audition at the theater. Elizabeth Lail prepared for a long time, managed to successfully pass the selection, and get a small role in the play “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”.

At school, Elizabeth Lail participated in many plays that were set up within the walls of the institution.

After elementary education at Asheboro High School, the girl continued her studies at the University of North Carolina Performing Arts School (University of North Carolina School of the Arts). She studied drama and acting there, and in 2014 she became a graduate.

During her studies, Elizabeth Dean Lail participated in student film projects and gained her first movie experience. After graduation, she moved to New York to start working on the theater stage. There Elizabeth decided to try the movie industry.

Elizabeth Dean Lail (Photo source: Famous People)

Elizabeth Dean Lail Movie Career

Lael played his first role in the short movie “Model Airplane”. That was in 2011 while studying at an art school.

Arriving in New York and working in the theater for a while, the young actress received an audition invitation for the role of Ana in the television series Once Once a Time. The girl successfully passed the casting and started acting in the series in the fourth season. Her first screen appearance was in the episode “A Tale of Two Sisters”.

Successful work on the project allowed the actress to plead and continue working in the movies industry.

The next small role of Natalie Luca, the artist got in the series “Black List”, which tells the story of former state agent Raymond Reddington.

In 2016, Elizabeth Lail landed a central role in the science thriller “Dead of Summer” plays Amy Hughes. The movie takes place at Stillwater summer camp, where a mysterious murder takes place.

A year later, Leil joined the video for the crime drama “The Good Fight”. In 2018, she got the role of Guinevere Beck in the series “You”.

In October 2019, a “Countdown” thriller comes out, in which Elizabeth Lail plays Emily Chapin.

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