Santa Claus or Santa Claus - who is Santa Claus and where he lives

Who is Santa Claus and where does he live

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus, who is that Santa who comes at Christmas time and brings us presents. As it is perhaps better known in our region as Santa Claus because the original name Santa Claus originated in Russia and Eastern European countries at a time when it was not appropriate to celebrate Christmas. However, the custom not only remained but continued to develop. Santa Claus is the name for Santa Claus in Western European countries and America.

No matter what we call him, Santa Claus is a cute fat old man, with a round face, rosy cheeks with gray curls of hair and a white-silver beard and mustache. He is most recognizable in his red suit with white fur trim on the sleeves and ends of his red coat, around his waist is a black belt with a gold clasp, and red pants are tucked into black boots. On his head is a red cap bordered also with white fur, and on top of the cap a white fur ball.

Grandpa comes to us at Christmas and brings gifts under the pine tree, for children, for moms, for dads, for brothers, for sisters, for grandma, for grandpa, for all family members. Sometimes he brings gifts for friends and neighbors who will visit us during the Christmas holidays. He is very skilled because he brings his gifts by going down the chimneys to our pine tree, which we ceremoniously decorated in the living room or some other room.

Who is Santa Claus and where does he live
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Santa Claus where does he live

There are various stories of where does Santa Claus live, legends say that he lives in Lapland, in the Finnish part of Lapland with Santa Claus and elves. Some mostly Western legends indicate that he actually lives at the North Pole. mostly grandpa lives in cold areas where there is a lot of snow and that is why he needs sleighs in which he will put gifts that his elves make diligently all year round.

Santa Claus together with Santa Claus and elves all year round prepares gifts for all the children of our planet because every child on earth deserves to receive a gift for the Christmas holidays. On Christmas Eve, Grandpa sits in a sleigh full of presents and leaves his cold lands with reindeer pulling sledges on a long journey around the country, and one evening gifts should be delivered to each child and his family.

Santa Claus and the elves will see him off and wish him luck on that long journey, because Grandpa has a lot to do that night and needs to visit a lot of children and families to place gifts in homes under pine trees or in socks that are usually hung in America. fireplaces.

Santa Claus will we see him again this year

Many children are wondering whether Santa Claus will come this year as well, and they are looking forward to the Christmas holidays. It is common for children to write a letter to their grandfather in which they express their wishes, expectations that they would like to receive as a gift. Letters will be given to parents who will make sure the letters reach Grandpa.

Sometimes Santa Claus he visits some big shops, so he knows how to stay there for a while, hanging out with children who whisper their wishes in his ear. It is a special experience for children because they can tell grandparents what they want live, so every year they wonder if they will have the opportunity to whisper their wish to grandpa again.

But even if you are not close to a city or a big store, you can always write a letter to Grandpa with a list of gifts you would like to receive, and Grandpa will choose the most appropriate gift for you. The magic of the Christmas holidays is that you do not know what Santa will give you because he will choose something from your list, but he may surprise you and give you something that you did not list, but it is your wish. Grandpa knows what we want better than ourselves, so he will give it to us.

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