How fast hair grows

How fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow is an individual process

How fast does hair grow is a question that interests many women for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it happens that the hairdresser cuts more of your hair than you wanted or completely makes a mistake in your hairstyle, you may unfortunately have lost your hair for some health reasons or had to cut it short, so there is interest in it. How fast does hair grow completely clear. Hair generally grows slowly and is considered to grow 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

Although this is a general average, it does not mean that this is the case with you and vice versa. Namely, hair growth is influenced by a large number of factors, but it also depends on the person, because the speed of hair growth at the end of the day is still individual. The speed of hair growth can be influenced to some extent, but the most important thing is to keep it healthy because only healthy hair can eventually grow and become the length you want. Below we bring you some tips for maintaining hair health and hair growth.

How fast does hair grow depends on many factors

How fast does hair grow it depends on many factors, ranging from health to how you treat your hair. Damaged hair, which is often dyed with strong dyes containing large amounts of ammonia, which is often exposed to larger heat sources such as regular blow-drying, ironing or curling, is likely to grow somewhat more slowly.

How fast does hair grow
How fast does hair grow (source: Pinterest)


Apart from external factors, How fast does hair grow can also depend on the health condition itself. There are some diseases that cause hair loss or weakening, which can sometimes also make it seem slower to grow. Unfortunately, some conditions lead to complete hair loss, but even these conditions can be transient and lead to normal hair growth. Hormones also have a big impact on hair growth, especially when it comes to pregnant women who most often notice that their hair grows faster during pregnancy. Thyroid hormones can also play a big role in hair growth and maintenance.

How fast does hair grow and how to help accelerate growth

Some believe that How fast does hair grow depends on the diet, while others believe that it depends on the preparations used on the hair. How fast does hair grow it is probably just the result of everything in total, from a diet full of vitamins and minerals to products that do not harm the hair. A diet high in vitamin B is considered beneficial for promoting hair growth.

In addition to nutrition, vitamin B exists in the form of tablets taken by those people who want to have healthier hair that will grow faster, while at the same time these tablets have a positive effect on the growth and strength of nails. In addition to trying to promote hair growth with the help of food, many people resort to various products that are advertised to affect hair growth, such as various shampoos. In any case, a diet full of protein, vitamins and minerals in combination with natural preparations can help keep hair healthy and beautiful, which can ultimately affect the speed of hair growth.

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