Massage oil - what it consists of and how to choose it

Massage oil – what it consists of and how to choose it

What is massage oil?

Body massage is very healing for body and soul, and can help reduce inflammation, muscle tension and various aches and pains. It can also improve blood circulation, posture, mobility, sleep and overall mood. When it comes to massage, a quality massage oil can help you have a spa experience from the comfort of your own home. Massage oil it is designed to make a massage session relaxing and rejuvenating. It also hydrates, protects the skin barrier and retains moisture, and reduces friction between your skin and the hands of the masseur.

Some oils, such as essential oils, can even calm the senses and melt muscle tension and pain. When looking for the best oil to use when performing a massage, it is recommended to use oils that do not contain nuts and odorless oil mixtures that can be adjusted to the needs of the person. Whether you are just starting out with massages or you are more addicted to massage, finding an oil that suits your skin type and needs is key to experiencing all the benefits of massage.

What do massage oils consist of and which are the best?

Massage oil generally consists of either a combination of several oils or one oil to which an essential oil has been added. It mainly consists of a couple of ingredients, and they are very gentle on the skin and will not cause any reactions, unless you have a specific allergy or more sensitive skin. There are various variants massage oil which are great for most people and are recommendations for anyone who is just starting out with massages and wants to get recommendations for some oils that could start benefiting themselves and others.

Massage oil - what it consists of and how to choose it
Massage oil – what it consists of and how to choose it (source: Pinterest

Olive oil can be used for both infants and adults, and has proven to be a good choice for body massage because it improves skin elasticity and makes you stronger. Regular body massage with olive oil can make your skin look brighter and younger. At the same time, it is not expensive and you can buy it in any store.

Coconut oil is a great choice for many people. It is light, colorless and absorbs perfectly into the skin. Coconut oil converts long-chain glycerides into medium-chain triglycerides, which is an anti-aging agent. In addition, this oil is great for people with body aches and also helps prevent acne breakouts and does not block pores on the skin. Coconut oil is cheap and has a long shelf life.

Sesame oil is often referred to as the best oil for body massages. It has a high nutritional value and has an excellent effect on strengthening the structure of the body, including tendons, muscles and ligaments. It is known to nourish and detoxify, and alleviate poor circulation, anxiety, bloating, excessive dryness and constipation.

How to choose a massage oil?

Grape seed oil is very rare and light and is a good body massage oil. The oil is silky and shiny on the skin, and its rich feeling is different from most other oils. This oil is very nourishing because it contains linoleic acid in large quantities, which is a proven anti-allergen, prevents acne and also retains moisture in the skin. If you are trying to include other essential oils in your massage, then grape seed oil will serve as the perfect carrier. Nutrients and herbs are very well absorbed in this oil, and it acts as a vector that easily transfers them to the skin.

Sweet almond oil has a sweet but light scent that is often used for massage purposes, given its perfect attributes that massage oil bodies must possess. It blends smoothly through the skin and does not absorb too quickly. It retains moisture for a long time, is light and has a thin texture. When used for body massage, it is often combined with vitamin E to get the most out of the skin during massage.

Various massage oils have their own set of benefits, and choosing the right oil for an effective massage is very important. The oil should not be too drying, should be absorbed into the skin within a reasonable time, should be either odorless or have a pleasant, light odor and should seal moisture well into the skin. So, research about every oil you are interested in, make a wise choice and take full advantage of body massage.

How to choose a massage oil

  • Commercial massage oils are a combination of carrier oils and essential oils.
  • Carrier oils are often plant-based, made from seeds and nuts. Some of the most common include sweet almond, cold-pressed coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and olive oil.
  • Essential oils are steam distilled or extracted from aromatic leaves, flowers, and other parts of plants.
  • The percentage of essential oil to carrier oil can vary from 2 percent to 10 percent.

source: healthline

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