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How to quit smoking, quit smoking fast and easy

How to quit smoking, cigarette addiction

Cigarette smoking is made up of two main types of addiction: The first addiction is that of nicotine itself, it makes you irritable and it gives you a headache if you don’t light a cigarette for a while. Another addiction is the very addiction to the habit of smoking or holding the cigarette in your hand, so you often reach for a cigarette with a drink. Today, smoking cessation, more precisely how to quit smoking, can be divided into three main ways:

The first way is to “abruptly” stop smoking without any major preparations, just throw away cigarettes at once and say a lot. The second  way is to gradually reduce the addiction and then completely quit smoking, here the smoker can switch to lighter cigarettes and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked to get used to a lower dose of nicotine. The third way is to alleviate the habit itself and then completely quit nicotine, here the smoker replaces the cigarette with another nicotine replacement, then after a while he stops doing so.

It is difficult to say which of the following three ways is the best way to go how to quit smoking, sometimes it is necessary to try all three. The first way is certainly the fastest but also the most difficult. If you are an occasional smoker then it is best to choose the first method. The other two modes are more reserved for avid smokers and addicts. It is also important to know that many fail to quit smoking at first, which means that sometimes you will have to try multiple times to get rid of the addiction.

How to quit smoking list
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How to quit smoking, preparing to quit smoking

In the process of how to quit smoking, motivation is of course the most important. Motivation will help you in times when it will be difficult and when you will want to give up. Before embarking on the process of quitting smoking, it is important to do the following: Be positive about quitting smoking, instead of scaring yourself with the negative things that smoking brings, think about the positive effects that quitting brings you. Make your list of reasons why you want to quit smoking, read the list every night before bed and in the morning after waking up and start conquering a new day.

Don’t just put health reasons on the list, also put a rough calculation that will show you the amount of money you will save. Also think about how nice it would be if there was no more of that smell of cigarette smoke. Most importantly, set a date to quit smoking and stick to it. The date can be an important date for you, or you can make your decision on May 31, when World No Smoking Day is celebrated. How to quit smoking It is not an easy process, and it is important to emphasize that you need to be realistic in your expectations.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while quitting: Quitting smoking is not an easy process, but it is also not impossible The symptoms that smoking cessation brings are uncomfortable, but they are temporary and go away in two weeks at the latest. The first week will be the hardest, arm yourself with willpower and various activities that will help you not to think about cigarettes. the first three months are the most critical, many return to smoking just in the specified time period. Keep in mind that you may not succeed right away from the first, many former smoking addicts have tried a couple of times until they succeeded.

How to quit smoking, how to get through the first months without smoking

We have stated how good it is to bring a date when you will light the last cigarette, when that date comes and when you smoke the last cigarette the first step will be to throw away all stocks of cigarettes and lighters. It is important to spend the first few days in a smoke-free environment, do not go to cafes, go to friends who smoke, instead concentrate on something else. Every day, set yourself some small goal that you can accomplish and be proud of yourself when you achieve it. The first months of not smoking are a new opportunity for you to acquire new life habits.

Physical activity is a great habit that will keep you away from cigarettes, especially when you notice how much less you struggle with catching your breath. Why is physical activity best after smoking cessation? The first few days you will be hyperactive and very nervous because you have taken away from your body something you are used to. Now that you know more how to quit smoking and what consequences this entails, it is important to know what you can do when you are caught in a crisis.

Yes, you will notice people with cigarettes and get caught thinking that you lack taste and you will ask yourself “why am I struggling”, but it is important to know that this is a transient crisis and that it is not worth throwing all your efforts into the water. After you stop smoking, the cleansing process will start happening in your body, which you will feel after the third day without a cigarette.

In the first two weeks of not smoking, physical symptoms appear in the form of dry throat and nose, headaches, sleep problems as well as fatigue, coughing and snoring. Mental symptoms will also be present and often bring with them a sudden change in mood. Now that you know how to quit smoking you are surely wondering what if you smoke again? If you’ve really been persistent and endured over the three most critical months, the feeling of a lit cigarette will actually disgust you.

And most important part is: Remember “Everything is in your mind” you must believe in it, once you strongly decide to quit smoking that is it. You don’t need any medications etc.

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