The Cure for Baldness comes from China

A group of Chinese scientists has developed a new method in the fight against the two main problems that cause baldness.

What Causes Baldness

hair loss

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Androgenic alopecia is the most common type of baldness, and although it affects men more often, hair loss can also occur in women. The main causes of androgenic alopecia are insufficient circulation in the affected area of the head, as well as oxidative stress, writes “Science Daily”.

Baldness and hair loss

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Also, oxidative stress can lead to the premature death of cells that form new hair. Earlier scientific studies have shown that nanoparticles contain the chemical element cerium, which can stimulate enzymes that fight oxidative stress.

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How to Cure Baldness

How to Cure Baldness

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However, these nanoparticles cannot pass through all layers of the skin. Chinese scientists have now discovered a way to insert microdoses of cerium near the hair roots inside the skin, to stimulate hair growth. It is a patch with miniature needles, in which hyaluronic acid and cerium nanoparticles are mixed.

“It is a promising strategy for treating baldness in patients with androgenic alopecia,” said Chinese scientists.

Source: Science Daily

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