Expired Trailer 2022

Expired (2022) Movie Trailer staring Ryan Kwanten, Hugo Weaving

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten plays the troubled killer in the official trailer for “Expired,” a new futuristic thriller for which the official trailer has been released.

Expired (2022) Movie Trailer staring Ryan Kwanten
Expired (2022) Movie Trailer staring Ryan Kwanten (source: youtube screenshot)

Hugo Weaving (V for Vendetta, The Matrix) and Jillian Nguyen (Netflix’s Clickbait) also star in the sci-fi thriller with noir tones. And he follows a second-rate killer (Kwanten) whose health declines rapidly after he falls in love with a local club singer (played by Nguyen). Weaving plays a scientist trying to cure a mysterious killer disease.

Expired movie plot In short

Ryan Kwanten (Real Blood) and Hugo Weaving (Matrix series) star in this futuristic thriller set in a neon-bathed metropolis. While Jack (Kwanten) works as a killer, his lonely life is changed by two strangers – one a club singer, the other a scientist (Weaving). Jack and the singer fall in love, but as their relationship grows stronger, Jack becomes physically weaker, unable to kill the targets he is looking for. Soon the scientist discovers the shocking reasons behind Jack’s deadly trouble.

Expired movie release date

Expired Movie in theaters from February 10, 2022 (Australia) and February 18, 2022 (United States) 

Expired movie cast and characters

  • Ryan Kwanten as Jack
  • Hugo Weaving as Dr. Bergman
  • Jillian Nguyen as April
  • Keiichi Enomoto as Grocery Store Man
  • June Yoon as Additional Voices (voice)
  • Brooke Nichole Lee as Receptionist
  • Bianca Wallace as Girl 370
  • Ivy Dupler as Voice Talent (voice)
  • Shinji Ikefuji as Technician
  • Patrick Moroney as Voice Talent (voice)
  • Aleksander Sylvan Jasmine Liew
  • Jasmine Liew as Diner
  • Michael Chan as Policeman
  • Andrew Ng as Japanese Man
  • Lewis Wheelhouse as Voice Talent (voice)
  • Sumara Meers

source: imdb

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Expired Movie (2022) Official Trailer – Ryan Kwanten, Hugo Weaving