How to glue lashes

Preparing for the procedure of how to glue lashes

Not all women have beautiful, long and thick natural lashes, so they will look for artificial lashes. Artificial eyelashes of different densities, lengths and intertwined lashes are available on the market for single use. You can get false eyelashes through online web stores, but also in local drugstores and cosmetics stores. First you need to choose the type of artificial eyelashes that will suit the most natural look in accordance with the shape of your eyes and your face.

Once you’ve gotten false eyelashes you’re probably wondering how to glue lashes and what you need to do. You need to determine the length of your lashes according to the length of your eyelids, which means you can shorten false eyelashes if they are longer than your eyelid to keep track of the natural size of your eyelids and natural lashes.

When cutting, make sure that the false eyelashes are narrower on the inside of the eye and wider on the outside of the eye. In doing so, make sure that they are a little longer on the outer edge than the inner edge of your eyelid. How to glue lashes should know that before gluing it is necessary to apply all the powder makeup, eye shadow on the eyelids, and only at the end to glue artificial lashes.


How to glue lashes and prepare the base of natural lashes

How to glue lashes and how to prepare your lashes before gluing, you will do it by applying mascara on your natural lashes. Mascara is applied in order to blend the natural lashes visually with the artificial lashes, and so that they do not stand out from the artificial lashes.

You should also lift your natural lashes with a curler beforehand, depending on how naturally curled or straight they are. After curling your natural lashes and applying mascara, cutting the false lashes to a length that matches your eyelid and eye size, read the instructions carefully how to glue lashes which you received in a package with artificial eyelashes.

Some false eyelashes have glue in the package, while in other packages you can get a stick with which you will apply glue to false eyelashes. Depending on the manufacturer from which you purchased artificial eyelashes, you will have the same gluing process when you put artificial eyelashes on your eyelids in order to achieve the most feminine and attractive look.

How to glue lashes with a stick or without a stick

If you did not get a stick in the package to solve the dilemma of how to glue lashes, this is not an obstacle to do it successfully. But pay attention to the amount of glue you apply to the false lashes before putting them on the lid. If you did not get a glue stick in the package, apply the glue to your palm and dip the outer edge of the false eyelashes into the glue you applied to your palm.

If you received a stick in the package, apply the glue to the artificial lashes along the entire length of the outer edge of the lashes according to the instructions with the stick. No matter how you applied the glue, you need to leave the glue on your lashes for 20 to 30 seconds before sticking them on the lid following the line of your natural lashes. Make sure that the narrower part of the false eyelashes is in the corner of the eye towards the nose, and the wider part goes to the outer edge of the eyelid. Use tweezers when you put glue-smeared lashes on the lid.

How to glue lashes is a procedure that ends by fixing the glued lashes to the entire length of the eye, and you will do this best by pressing with your fingers along the lid and moving from the inner part to the outer edge. Keep the outer edges a little longer because they peel off first. Then apply a shower to cover any possible lines that are visible at the junction of the glue and the previously applied eyeshadow on the eyelid.

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How to Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners