How to reset remote

How to reset TV remote

How to reset TV remote

How to reset TV remote control will depend on the manufacturer of your TV and remote control. Although the procedures are very similar from manufacturer to manufacturer, they still differ in some details. First of all, the remote control is not always an accessory of the TVs themselves, but the TVs were initially produced without remote controls. The first TVs had function buttons on their body, so for every change of program or change of volume you had to get up from the comfort of the armchair. The first remote controls were wired to the TV and had only the function of turning the TV on and off, and changing the TV channel.

Today’s remote controls have a number of functions and capabilities, and certain models have functions similar to those of a wireless computer mouse. Remote controls are very appreciative devices, which very rarely break down. All you have to do is change the batteries from time to time. However, it is very rare to need to reset remotely, so learn the basics here how to reset TV remote the controller of your TV.

How to reset the Samsung remote control

For example how to reset TV remote we will use a Samsung remote control. The remote control is usually reset for two reasons, and that is due to a malfunction or change of stored shortcuts for certain functions. If your remote control doesn’t work well completely, the first thing to check is if the batteries are low. Replace the batteries, and if it still doesn’t work, reset the remote before taking it to a service center. Like all similar devices, the remote may stop working due to banal software problems, which can be solved by resetting. Also, it should be said that the reset remotely returns to the factory settings.

How to reset TV remote
How to reset TV remote (source: Pinterest)


Samsung remote controls come with user instructions that clearly state how to reset TV remote control, and start the process by pressing the “B” and “C” keys at the same time, and when you notice that the LED light on the remote flashes twice, press the combination 981 ”. As an additional reset option on the remote control, you can find the “RESET” button located at the bottom of the remote control. For this you will need an object with a thin tip, because the button is small and tucked into the remote control housing. After pressing the “RESET” button, turn off your TV, then turn it on and pair the remote control with it.

How to reset the Philips remote control

Of course, Philips, like every manufacturer, has its own scheme how to reset TV remote steering wheel. To successfully restore the Philips remote control to the factory settings, you need to press two buttons at the same time, “OK” and “MUTE”. It is not enough to just press these two buttons, but you need to keep them pressed for the next 5 seconds, in order to remotely accept the default function of resetting to factory settings.

It should also be noted that the entire procedure is performed while your TV is on, because during the reset procedure and after pressing the “OK” and “MUTE” buttons, a menu with the reset option will be displayed on the screen. When the specified option opens, select it with the “SELECT” key and confirm the command with the “OK” key. All programmed functions on the remote control will be deleted as a result of the reset. Whatever the remote control is, if it doesn’t work in the best way, first check the condition of the batteries, and only then look for a way to reset the remote. If the instructions provided with the device are not clear to you, be sure to take the remote to an authorized service center.

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