How to start knitting

How to start knitting for beginners

How to start knitting and what is needed for knitting?

One of the most beautiful feelings is definitely to drink hot cocoa or tea on cold winter days while we are wrapped in a knitted sweater and watch the snow fall outside. What could be nicer than the above? The fact that you knitted the sweater you are wearing. What if you don’t know how to start knitting, more precisely what do you need for knitting? Knitting with needles is by no means a complicated process, more precisely as learning everything requires only good will and perseverance.

Let’s start, how to start knitting? In order to embark on the adventure of knitting, we will need certain materials and tools. To learn to knit from scratch, you need to know at least what you want to knit, because it depends on the needles you need to get. The results of knitting itself depend on the correct match of the numbers of spokes, it depends of course on knitting needles and thread or yarn.

Today you can find needles made of plastic, metal, bone, wood, each needle has its advantages and disadvantages. Thread or yarn is the next essential material, they can be obtained in different colors, and textures. When buying thread, it is important to pay attention to the label that contains instructions on thread consumption, needle size and knitting density.

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How to start knitting and what types of knitting for beginners?

Knitting is certainly a prized work, especially since it is handmade. And while many of us have watched our grandmothers and mothers knit and think it looks simple, it is still important to adopt the right technique depending on what we want to knit. How to start knitting for beginners with a knitting needle? First, it is important to note that there are two types of knitting that we divide into planar and cylindrical.

Planar is simpler, more precisely it is performed with two spokes and only one working thread. The first row starts from the right and then to the left, while the second logically goes in the opposite direction. In the first row knit the front, while in the second row knit the back. This method is used to make sweaters and scarves. The cylindrical form of knitting, on the other hand, is used for knitting gloves, socks.

Knitting takes place with the help of circular knitting needles, more precisely, each row is knitted in a circle. In mastering the knitting process for beginners, the most important thing is to first learn to hold knitting needles and to master the three basic techniques that are through loops, through nails and facial loops. The little steps are in the process of how to start knitting, because when you start knitting you will start from basic and light shapes.

How to start knitting and what does the beginning of knitting look like?

Now that you are familiar with the accessories and basic ways of knitting, it is important to get started. In order to start knitting it is essential to enter the spokes loops, it must be done with needles that are folded together. It is important to secure the resulting loops so that they can be stretched and tied to the next row. To write the loop itself, you need to unwind a thread that is larger than the width of your future product.

The end of the said thread must pass between your index and middle finger, then it is necessary to wrap and fasten a large palette on the left palm. Then you have to move your index and thumbs and pull the threads between your fingers. The next step is to put the two plasters together and pull the loop from the bottom up, and bring them to the fingers and hook threads. The thread is guided into the loop, it is done by placing the thumb to remove the loop and tighten the thread on the spokes.

When you have the desired number of loops then take out the second knitting needle and start the process. In the description of the whole process how to start knitting it may seem complicated, but like everything you learn in a very short time. Today you can find various video tutorials on the Internet that describe step by step how to start knitting, you can also enter a quick knitting course where you will experience the magic of knitting first hand.

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