A Lenovo official has released live photos of the Legion Y700 gaming tablet

Lenovo officially released photos of the Legion Y700 gaming tablet

Recently, the company’s microblog Lenovo, gaming Legion Department, officially announced some of the parameters Legion Y700 Gaming tablet.

new lenovo legion y700 tablet
Lenovo Legion Y700 gaming tablet


Lenovo Legion Y700 Gaming Tablet specs

As announced, the Legion Y700 uses an 8.8-inch screen, 2560 × 1600 resolution with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and supports a high refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz.


Lenovo Legion Y700 gaming tablet


Judging by the pictures, this small 8.8-inch tablet is perfect for playing games and has the right screen size, just enough to hold with both hands. The LEGION logo is printed on the back of the device; the lens module is located in the upper left corner, and it looks like a camera with LED light; the front camera is one in the middle, located in a frame; at the bottom is the Type-C interface, and it also seems to have a shoulder button on the side.


Lenovo Legion Y700 gaming tablet


The Legion gaming tablet is a new category, and according to the name, the Y700 announced today may belong to the mid-range model, after which there may be a Y900 high-end model, reports Sparrows News. The Legion gaming phone has already been released in two generations, and a new one will be released as the Legion Y90 Gaming Phone.

Lenovo Legion Y700 Tablet price and release date

As for now there are no official announcement about the price and the release date for Legion Y700 gaming tablet.

source: Lenovo

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Lenovo Legion Y700 Gaming Tablet With 8.8-Inch 120Hz Display Teased