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RECALLED (2021, KOR) – 7/10

We’ve known for a long time that Koreans are true masters of thrillers, and with this mysterious psychological thriller, the experienced local screenwriter You-min Seo, whose directorial debut “Recalled”, confirmed it. It is an intriguing film that holds the viewer’s attention until the very end, and the twists and turns and surprises are not forced and exaggerated, which was often the case and which always annoyed me terribly. This time, the screenplay was done satisfactorily, and the center of the story is a young woman Soo-jin (excellent Seo Ye-ji) who lost her memory after an accident. While she tries to remember her life, her protective husband Ji-hoon (Kim Kang-woo) takes care of her.

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However, Soo-jin very quickly finds the whole story and her husband’s intentions quite strange, and she realizes that something unusual is happening. All of this will be followed by visions, random memories, or a mix of all of these, and at some point she will begin to believe that she can predict the future. At one point, he will meet a person and it’s as if he imagines something that will happen, and that’s exactly how it will all play out in reality. Although the doctor will tell her that she suffers from delusions, which I guess is normal for people in her condition, Soo-jin will become more and more convinced that things are not what they seem and that her seemingly benevolent husband does not have the most honest intentions.


What’s more, it quickly becomes clear to the viewer that Ji-hoon is up to something, and the story will become very interesting until the finish, where everything will finally be explained to us. “Recalled” turned out to be an interesting, exciting and intriguing psychological thriller with head and tail that once again confirmed that Koreans are truly unbeatable when it comes to genre films.