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THE KILLING OF KENNETH CHAMBERLAIN (2020, USA) Movie review, plot, trailer, rating



This micro-budget independent American drama brings us a tragic story based on the real events of November 2011 in New York. What will happen to the film’s title character, according to the title of the play written and directed by David Middell, is easy to conclude, and this barely feature-length film that won Frankie Faison Best Actor in Independent Film takes place in the hallway of New York’s White Plains . Kenneth Chamberlain is a 70-year-old black man with bipolar disorder and a tenant of an apartment in a typical black block. This former Marine has heart problems, which is why he wears a necklace with which he informs the medical services that something is wrong.

And that fateful night just after 5 am, in his sleep his uncle will accidentally press the collar, the medical service will get a signal that something is wrong and will send the police to his door so they can check what is happening. When he realizes that the police are at his door, the mentally disturbed old man with PTSD will be completely executed. He does not want to let the cops into his apartment because he is paranoid, upset and upset and is convinced that someone came to kill him.

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Although he will repeat to the police several times that he is OK and that there are no health problems, the persistent police officers decided to enter his apartment at all costs and check what was happening. The situation will become more and more tense, the police will become more and more persistent and will eventually break into his apartment, and he will constantly claim that he does not need any help, that they want to leave and that no one has the right to enter his home without a court order.

This murder was apparently just one in a series of tragedies in which U.S. police officers deliberately or intentionally killed a black-skinned civilian. Especially shocking is the finale of this realistic and claustrophobic film shot by hand from camera in one location when we will see documentary audio and video recordings of the event itself. And while the legendary character black actor we remember from episodes in numerous Faison movies and series is great and frighteningly convincing as Kenneth, the rest of the cast is nowhere near that level. Although “The Assassination of K. Chamberlain” is one of those little films, it brings up an important story on a serious topic that is obviously recurring in America.

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