The puzzle adventure “Ever Forward” is coming to all current consoles in early December

Ever Forward originally came out in August 2020 for PC, but is now coming to Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles to gain more gamers. And they have something to hope for because for many this game was a great combination of story, gameplay mechanics and puzzles that satisfy more experienced as well as newer gamers who want excitement in this genre.

The story of the girl Maya, who is trapped between two realities, one idyllic and one horror, brings a large number of puzzles, unlocking memories and revealing secrets in a story that should capture all the players. How exactly these two worlds and the game in general look like, you can see in the last trailer:

Ever Forward game price and release date

The Ever Forward adventure game has a release date. PM Studios and Pathea Games have confirmed it is coming on December 7, 2021, priced at $14.99 and you can buy it from the Switch eShop.

Ever Forward Prologue – Gameplay Walkthrough

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