The story in Wolf Among Us 2 will be followed by those players who did not play the unit

The CEO of Telltale said that the action in The Wolf Among Us 2 will be both a sequel to the unit, but also a separate story.

Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie spoke about the long-awaited sequel to The Wolf Among Us. It is an acclaimed 2013 noir adventure based on a popular comic book series Fables. In a conversation with the media, Ottlie commented on the action of the sequel. He pointed out, among other things, that the game will be equally interesting and understandable to the players who played the unit, as well as to those who will meet the wolf for the first time below.

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“We’re trying to design our narratives so I can stand apart,” Ottilie said, though he admitted he hopes the new players will still consider playing the first season before embarking on its sequel. However, this should not be too important. “The start of the first episode of the second season sets things up in such a way that every player immediately understands how the characters came to the situation in which they are now, ”he said.

The Wolf Among Us 2 will remain true to the episode format of the first season, and will retain some elements that are in line with the original, but the biggest news is the almost complete transition to Unreal Engine. Namely, Talletale’s original Tool engine proved to be an unreliable and non-optimized tool, which was confirmed by Ottilie himself: “The challenges with our old engine were well known. We wanted speed, strength, flexibility and the art that Unreal Engine brings. ”

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The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released in episodic form in 2023., but Telltale will complete the development of each episode before the first one arrives at PC and both versions PlayStation and Xbox console. “There’s something in creating anticipation and allowing players to guess what might happen next. I think it’s an important part of good storytelling, but also Telltale’s games, ”Ottilie explained.

Recall, the first part of the game focused on the detective Bigby Wolf and the investigation into the Fabletown murder – a hidden world inhabited by versions of characters from classic fairy tales. Subsequently, located six months after the unit, Wolf will also be suspended from the Anger Control Counseling Center, while Snow White will be Fabletown’s deputy mayor.

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