Amazon’s "New World" MMO game

Amazon’s “New World” MMO has finally come out

Who would have thought that this day would come too? After numerous, but numerous, delays, Amazon’s MMO “New World” has finally seen the light of day and is immediately reached the top 3 on Steam.

No more alpha, beta and similar testing, Aeternum, as the game world is called, is finally available for everyone to explore.
The game is available for purchase for $40 Standard Edition or $50 Deluxe Edition, and unlike other popular MMO (massively multiplayer online game) revenge we mean WoW and FF14, there is no monthly subscription, but only a one-time purchase.

New World” MMO game (photo source: new world)

The best indicator that the game has been waiting for a long time is the number of players on Steam. Yesterday, Tuesday, September 28 in the afternoon, the game has about 500,000 simultaneously active players, and the number will only continue to grow. Over 700,000 were playing New World on Wednesday.

Amazon’s “New World” MMO (photo source: new world)

This was enough to practically automatically place the game among the top 3 most popular titles on Steam. New World is currently in second place, while in the first place is CS: GO, which is in the lead for about 250,000 players. As the weekend approaches, it is very possible that New World will take first place as well.

Where can I play New World game

The New World is a fantasy MMO game developed by Amazon Games, and it’s exclusive to the Windows PC. Sorry owners of PS5 as of now you can’t play this game.

“New World” Game (photo source: new world)

What is New World Game About

New World takes place on Aeternum, a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. You play as an explorer essentially looking to colonize the island, but find that Aeternum is home to a magical substance called Azoth. 

There are four types of multiplayer in New World: Expeditions, Invasions, Outpost Rush, and War Mode. 

New World: Launch Trailer

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