Anal sex and why men insist on it with female partner

Do you know why men love anal sex so much?

Research shows that more and more men are obsessively fantasizing about anal sex. Likewise, statistics show that about 25% of couples of heterosexual orientation regularly practice anal sex. Why is that so? Why do men love him so much? We researched this topic and found answers. First, porn movies that are largely watched by men fetishize anal sex. Countless pornographic videos are about anal sex and women enjoy these videos. It is also something new and untested for a man, and therefore more tempting. It is this fantasy about what anal sex looks like and how it feels, it is this process that only further stimulates a man’s desire for anal sex. Likewise, men in their heads imagine how a woman will enjoy anal sex just as much as they enjoy porn movies. However, the reality can be different, so some women know how to complain about pain and discomfort and make the whole experience uncomfortable.

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Anal sex and why men insist on it
Anal sex and why men insist on it (source: Pinterest)


What are the reasons why men are attracted to anal sex?

If we are going to look at psychology and ignore the aforementioned pornographic movies and pure physical feeling, there are several reasons why men want anal sex. So let’s get down to the analysis. First, anal sex gives men a sense of power. It is a forbidden fruit, it is considered naughty and therefore it is more attractive because you as a woman have allowed it access to the forbidden area. If it brings you to orgasm, it gives him a special feeling of power and satisfaction. Furthermore, this kind of sexual relationship is proof of trust in the partner which can further connect the two people. Namely, the woman will not allow anyone to enter that forbidden area. A woman trusts a man that he will be gentle while doing so and take care of her comfort. Therefore, the confidence factor certainly plays a role. The reason we can still add is of a simpler nature: men simply love buttocks. It is a somewhat animal act that arouses raw and primitive feelings in a man. Also, the anal opening is narrower than the vaginal one, so such a relationship gives it a higher intensity.

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Why do heterosexual men like anal sex?

Decades ago, the general public narrative argued that anal sex was the domain of homosexual couples and that it was not of interest to heterosexual couples. It was a kind of monopoly of the homosexual community, but that narrative gradually began to change. People talked more and more openly about anal sex and all its charms, and soon one could notice conversations and texts on the topic of anal sex more and more often. Many men and women have openly started saying they enjoy it and it is anal sex certainly gained in popularity. This was helped by pornography, which normalized this form of sexual intercourse. However, it is noticed that men want this type of sex more than women. There are several reasons for this: First, the fact that men have a higher sex drive than women because of testosterone, and therefore more often want anal sex. Furthermore, they are attracted to this forbidden fruit and this still somewhat taboo topic. Finally, they physically like this form of sex because the anal opening is narrower and thus the feeling is more intense.

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