First problems for Netflix, users are fleeing

First problems for Netflix, users are fleeing

Company Netflix has the most popular streaming platform in the world and, so far, has had only success. Every year in each period, this company gained new customers and further strengthened its position in the market. However, the winds of change have reached this giant as well and, for the first time since it was created, Netflix has faced a drop in the number of users during the first quarter of this year.

During this business period, Netflix predicted that it would gain 2.5 million new users. Instead, it lost 200,000 subscribers, which also led to a drop in the value of the company’s shares by over 25%, or about 40 billion in value. One free fall for which, for now, it is not certain when it will end.

Some would comment that they are glad for such a move and would certainly have a reason for it. Once upon a time, sharing accounts was a normal occurrence, but as Netflix is ​​still in this business for the money, they are trying to get in the way.

In addition, the first price increases for the services of this company on the North American continent were noticed, so it is obvious that the users are really not satisfied with the direction in which this company is moving. In the end, some would link this loss of users to the growing number of SJW content produced by this streaming platform, but we really think that is neither the case nor that such findings have a place in a more serious analysis of the state of a company like Netflix.

First problems for Netflix, users are fleeing

Compared to the same period last year, ie the first quarter, when this company attracted 4 million new users, this is a serious decline. In addition, the political move of this company to cancel its services in Russia due to the current war situation in Ukraine also did not bring much good in the form of new users. In addition, the company’s estimates suggest the loss of 2 million new users over the next two months, despite new seasons of popular series such as Ozark and Stranger Things. reports Reuters.

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