God of War game trailer

God of War is the second best-selling PlayStation game of all time

When the updated version was published in 2018 God of War games, the goal was to be classic PlayStation the franchise revived, after it began to be less relevant. That is exactly what happened, the game was a huge success, it won the Game of the Year title, it sold millions of copies, and Kratos found itself in the spotlight again.

Ahead of the game’s PC release, expected early next year, it was announced that God of War had become the second best-selling PlayStation title of all time. The game sold 19.55 million copies for the PlayStation 4, ending in August 2021.

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God of War is officially the second best-selling PlayStation game of all time
God of War Kratos (source: Sony)

In front of the God of War 2018 game, the only one is “The Last of Us”, which has sold more than 20 million copies. It is possible that more games have been sold in more than 20 million copies, but given how secretive Sony is when it comes to sales results, we cannot know for sure the official results of the sale of games for the PlayStation.

It remains to be seen how God of War will fare on the PC platform, which arrives on January 14, 2022 (via the Steam service).

God of War game trailer
God of War Game (source: Sony)

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