How to install python

How to install Python

How to install Python

In today’s world and environment where more and more things and operations are being digitized and thus automated, the question arises how to install python. Python is one of the most popular, general-purpose programming languages ​​adapted for novice developers. This programming language was created in 1990 by Guido van Rossum. Interestingly, the program is named after the popular television series Monty Python.

This programming language is similar to programming languages ​​like Perl and Ruby. Python is widely applicable because it allows the use of different programming styles, and is most commonly used on the Linux operating system. In addition to Linux, Python has been developed for other operating systems. Python is very popular because of its simple interface and readability, so it is especially suitable for beginner developers. If all programming languages ​​were this simple, all the prejudices that the average person has about programming would probably disappear. It’s the same with the process of how to install Python, which is as simple as just using the program.

How to install Python and which version to choose

How to install Python or any other program on an operating system is a very similar process. Namely, the most important thing when creating programs and applications is the one on which the operating system will be used. Therefore, the processes of installing the program are essentially very similar and guide you through the installation of certificates that you will logically choose.

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And with Phyton, the thing is very intuitive when it comes to installation, and the thing to note is that there are two versions of this programming language. Namely, the Python programming language got many versions, thus how it developed. However, not all developers like changes, so there are still a large number of developers who use the older version of the program, the 2.7 version. Version 3.6 is also equally popular and high quality, so it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best. How to install Python is just as easy with both versions. It should also be said that starting a project in one version is impossible to continue in a newer one and vice versa. To perfectly understand the Python programming language, the best option is to install both versions and learn to program in both versions.

How to install Python and where to download the program

In addition to the process of installing the Python programming language, it is primarily important to know where to download the program. Of course, you will download the program on the Python website, and you can find all versions of the program on the same page for Windows, Linux/UNIX and macOS. It is also equally important to download a version that is compatible with your operating system. If you have Windows installed on your computer, then download the Windows version of the program. Also, depending on your operating system, select the correct 34 or 64 bit version of Python.

The process of choosing the version of the program in most cases is a bit more complicated than the process itself how to install python program. Even if you download the wrong version, which is not compatible with your operating system, nothing will happen, you will just have to select another version and repeat the procedure. After a successful download, click on the program file and start the installation process. Python itself is a perfect programming language with many additional tools that make programming easier, whether you are a beginner or an advanced programmer.

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