It has been revealed which school the new Witcher will belong to

From the CD Project, they confirmed which animal the modeled medallion was seen in the first picture for the next Witcher game.

The picture above is so far the only material that suggests what might await us in the next game in The Witcher series. It is clear that the picture does not show the medallion of the wolf as witcher Geralt wears in previous stories. There was therefore a quick debate on the Internet as to which Witcher school the said medallion belonged to.

Although some saw a cat medallion in the picture, others were confused by the pointed ears. In the end, the creators of the game themselves jumped into this discussion, discovering how it is a medallion-shaped medallion.

Some will continue to say that the lynx is a species of cat, but an interesting plot is that in the world of Witcher we have not yet met the lynx school. She is not mentioned in the novels, is not in the series and was not previously part of the games.

However, according to a version of the story coined by Witcher fans, the lynx school was founded just after The Witcher 3. In this unofficial story, the school was also the first to move to a completely new continent.

It is not yet known if the CD Project version of this school has anything to do with fan fiction, but there is a fairly clear indication that the next Witcher will have a completely original story that will not follow existing material.

source: gamesradar