New Games: This week we wake up at the dawn of Ragnarok

One big expansion, the return of the sports series from the break and a few smaller indie titles will mark this week in the world of gaming.

Have a Nice Death

There are already several games in which we play the role of a dark reaper or Death. But now comes the 2D title that will add a bit of cuteness to that formula. Have a Nice Death will take us to procedurally generated Death offices where we will be in style roguelite games tame opponents and develop new skills. There will be over 30 weapons and magic attacks on offer.

The game is coming to the PC platform in the early access edition, and should spend about another year in development.

Have a Nice Death | Death, Inc. New Hire Orientation Video

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok

March 10, 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, XS, XBO platforms

If you’re not fed up with the Viking chapter of Assassin’s Creed, here’s an expansion that will put us back in the role of Odin. This fantasy extension of Assassin’s Creed will bring famous gameplay combined with new powers such as controlling other opponents, disguising yourself as opponents or turning into a raven.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok (source: Ubisoft)

Dawn of Ragnarok will be pretty meaty expansion so count on it to offer you about 40 hours of gameplay.

Chocobo GP

March 10, 2022 on Nintendo Switch platform

Old fans of Final Fantasy remember that the series had its own karting game back in 1999 – Chocobo Racing. Years later, his sequel arrives – Chocobo GP. We expect classic gameplay karting games, which includes drifting in bends and collecting power-up items and traps for rivals. The game will have its own story mode, but the main fun will be in multiplayer where up to 64 players will be able to gather.

Chocobo GP will exist in two editions – premium and free edition. It will appear first on the Nintendo Switch console, and later on on other platforms.

WWE 2K22

11 Mar 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, XS, XBO platforms

After the disastrous WWE 2K22 and a two-year break, the most popular wrestling series is back. They say that this part “strikes differently” thanks to the new engine, realistic graphics, more precise controls and more meaningful modes. We will see how much truth there is in this this Friday. If there is a shift, we will certainly shout, “Booyaka!”

Other games coming out:

10. 02. Aztech: Forgotten Gods on (PC, PS5, PS4, XS, XBO, NS) platforms
10. 03. Submerged: Hidden Depths on (PC, PS5, PS4, XS, XBO) platforms
10. 03. Tropico 6: Next Gen Edition on (PS5, XSX / S) platforms

MORE GAME NEWS: World Championship Boxing Manager 2 has been announced and will be released in the spring

source: Steam