PlayStation games on sale this weekend at discounted prices

The weekend is a time to enjoy the games, especially when you can find them at a discount. Here are the PlayStation games on sale this weekend at discounted prices

PlayStation games on sale this weekend at discounted prices
PlayStation games on sale this weekend at discounted prices (source: PS)

Each week brings us some good and some less good news from the world of gaming, so we have selected for you a few games that are offered at a discount for PlayStation users this week. If you still prefer gaming on the PC, take a look at our article on PC discounts yesterday. This week there are very good titles with very good discounts, but in the sea of ​​such, one title especially attracted our attention – both in price and quality.


The last part of the Metro series about apocalyptic torments in Russia is one of must play titles if you ask us. We recently wrote that it was played by six million players, so if you are not one of them, here it is at a great discount from 75% and this is of course the 2021 version that brings improved graphics and is available for both current PlayStation consoles.

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The game has been nominated in many categories, won several awards, and neither the critics nor the players have bad words for this game. If you’re looking for a little more information though, read our review for Metro Exodus and we’re sure you’ll give the game a chance, if you haven’t already.

Of course, what would it be like for me if we mentioned only one game, so below are a total of 15 titles that we have chosen for you at a good discount, and you let us know in the comments if you have found something for yourself.

  • HITMAN 3 – Standard Edition (PS4 & PS5) – 28,21 € (-60%)
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy (PS4) – € 20.21 (-60%)
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition (PS4 & PS5) – 17.96 (-70%)
  • Little Nightmares II (PS4 & PS5) – € 16.64 (-33% + 10% PS Plus)
  • Life is Strange 2 Complete Season (PS4) – 13 € (60%)
  • A Way Out (PS4) – € 7.6 (75%)
  • Resident Evil Village (PS4 & PS5) – € 28.21 (-60%)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4 & PS5) – 25.26 (-50%)
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (PS4 & PS5) – 37,90 € (-25%)
  • No Man’s Sky (PS4 & PS5) – € 25.26 (-50%)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PS4) – € 11.30 (-75%)
  • BEYOND: Two Souls (PS4) – € 10.61 (-60%)
  • PROTOTYPE (PS4) – € 5.86 (-80%)
  • Skyrim Anniversary Edition + Fallout 4 GOTY Bundle (PS4 & PS5) – 36,21 € (-60%)
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Do you know of another good discount? Don’t let that be our mistake! Be sure to share it with us in the comments.