The familiar look of the vivo X80 Pro + camera that no one will be indifferent to

The familiar look of the vivo X80 Pro + camera specs

Camera sensors on new mobile devices are one of the most attention-grabbing details. There are two main reasons for this. The first, and basic, is the fact that mobile phones, for most people, change all other solutions for taking photos and making videos.

Simply, everyone has a phone, and when something needs to be photographed or recorded, the same phone will be used, and not some other solution like a camera. Of course, we exclude professionals here and it is by no means the goal to compare real cameras with mobile phones in any kind of professional use. But for ordinary users, the phone is all that is necessary for photography, and therefore a quality camera is one of the main priorities when buying a mobile phone.

On the other hand, modern camera systems often consist of three or four camera sensors, which occupy a large part of the back of each device, making the camera module on mobile devices one of the most important design decisions made by manufacturers. The powerful and modern look of the camera system on the back of the device is a detail that will attract users, despite the quality of the cameras.

In this regard, here is the first information related to the design of the camera module on the upcoming mobile phone vivo X80 Pro +, and according to the information available from the first poster that should be part of the advertising campaign for this device. Although slightly blurred and certainly not of ideal resolution, this photo tells us enough about what awaits us when this phone officially appears in front of the audience at the end of this month.

The familiar look of the vivo X80 Pro + camera specs
The familiar look of the vivo X80 Pro + camera specs (source: GSM Arena)

The first thing that catches our eye is that the camera system housing will be very large, and will consist of a circular part with the sensors themselves, which is located like a protrusion inside a larger square protrusion that covers almost the entire upper half of the back of this device. Also, according to what we can see on the poster, it can be concluded that on the right side there will be a screen inside the camera module, something similar to what we could see last year on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. It looks powerful, of course, but we’re not sure everyone will like it.

As for the hardware of these cameras, writes GSM Arena, four sensors are expected, the basic 50MP resolution (ISOCELL GN1), the 48MP ultra-wide angle sensor (IMX598), as well as two 50MP cameras (JN1 + JN2) which will most likely be of the telephoto type. In addition, an in vivo photo processing processor is expected. We will see all this live at the end of April. Until then, we take off the company’s hat vivo on a bold design.

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