We got the first information related to the Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones

We got the first information related to the Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones

Company Sony along with Bose, produces some of the best wireless over-ear headphones in the world. The WH-1000XM series of wireless headphones is among the most famous models for fans of quality sound and good noise reduction, and now the first information and photos related to their latest model in this series – Sony WH-1000XM5.

This is the successor to the very successful Sony WH-1000XM4 model, so this company has a very difficult task ahead of it. These features need to be improved, sound quality preserved, a slightly more modern look, and all in all, to intrigue users to reconsider buying new headphones.

According to the first photos that suggest the design of the new headphones, it seems that Sony has for the first time in two, some would say three generations of this product made the first significant step forward in their appearance. What we see now shows us a much more modern industrial design with cleaner surfaces and sharper lines separating the segments of these wireless headphones.

According to these unofficial photos, the handles that connect the frame for wearing them with the headphones themselves are now slightly separated from the whole construction, while it seems that Sony has put a little more placement on the headphones and the segment of these headphones that clings to the head users. In addition, renders are currently available that suggest only two colors of these headphones, namely black and white.



In addition, some more unofficial information is available, such as a battery life of 40 hours using active noise reduction, while the battery is expected to be recharged from 0 to 100 percent in some 3 and a half hours. So, the new model should provide 10 hours of audio playback more than its predecessor.

From the available photos, it can be noticed that the switch for turning on and off these headphones is now a slider, while the button formerly called “custom” is now “NC / Ambient”, but it is still in the same place on the headphones.

It is expected that these headphones will have three microphones, but that their positions will not be the same as on previous models. Finally, it is assumed that there will be completely new speakers, as well as two new processors for processing active noise reduction. As for the price, the standard price for the new headphones of this series is expected, ie between 350 and 400 dollars.

SOURCE: techradar

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