What is Muscovado sugar and where can we buy it

What is Muscovado sugar and where can we buy it

What is Muscovado sugar

Muscovado sugar which is the least refined sugar and is produced from sugar cane. In refined sugars, brown molasses is removed to soften the taste, and it is in Muscovado that brown molasses is not extracted because there is no refining process. Brown molasses gives this sugar a wet sand-like texture and tastes like a caramel-like aroma.

This sugar is much healthier precisely because of the brown molasses and without additives and is highly accepted by nutritionists as a recommendation for a healthy diet. We can say that Muscovado sugar is a natural healthy sugar that is actually produced the old-fashioned way because most of the work is done by humans and not machines.

Since there is no refining process that removes brown molasses, Muscovado retains with brown molasses all the natural minerals needed by the human body. Regardless of the fact that lumps are formed when used in the preparation of desserts, it is still very popular with people who have decided on a healthy diet.

What is Muscovado sugar and where can we buy it
Muscovado sugar (source: pinterest)

Where can you buy Muscovado sugar 

Muscovado sugar khandsari, or khand is delivered to USA and the rest of the world market from Africa, India, Colombia, and the West Indies, with India being the top producer. This type of sugar is not as widespread on the market as white sugar, however it is very popular and there is a great demand for it due to its nutritional value. Precisely because of the high demand, large market chains have made an effort to procure this product for their health food shelves.

Specialized health food stores that have organic products also offer Muscovado sugar as a high-quality nutritional food. More and more people in Croatia are becoming aware of the multiple benefits of healthy eating products and are prone to changing their eating habits.

Of course in today’s age of the internet, it is certainly possible to look to buy this grocery online and in trusted web stores also a health stores near you. Be sure to check customer reviews and reviews that the web store has posted on its site and inquire well about the credibility. Don’t shop on unverified websites because you can easily get an unhealthy product that is not what you paid for.

Muscovado sugar and its nutritional value

Muscovado sugar is richer in nutritional value than regular white sugar and should be a substitute for regular sugar. This does not mean that you can consume this brown sugar indefinitely, because it is a sugar that should not be consumed excessively anyway. This sugar has the same energy value as white sugar, but what gives nutritional value to brown sugar is the presence of minerals and antioxidants.

Minerals it has Muscovado sugar are potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese and they are beneficial for the human body. Antioxidants that come from the plant itself have a beneficial effect on cleansing the human body of toxins, and strengthen the immune system with its antioxidant action.

Also, this type of sugar does not affect the formation of caries like white sugar, which is refined, because the minerals contained in brown sugar reduce melting and damage to tooth enamel, thus preventing the growth of bacteria and caries, and tooth decay. Sweet lovers will be pleased because they can consume sweets without fear of tooth decay.

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