The download of GTA: The Trilogy on consoles is available, PC players have to wait

A remastered collection of old GTA games will be launched next week, but it is already possible to do a pre-load on the consoles.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition in digital edition will be released next Thursday, but games from that collection can be downloaded earlier to play as soon as it hits 11. 11. Admittedly, this only applies to console versions for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch consoles, while PC players will not have the option download they will be able to take over the game only from Thursday.

As data is now available on how much disk space the Definitive Edition versions of GTA games take up, we also have a comparison of how much they have “thickened” compared to older versions on PlayStation consoles. The situation is as follows:

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GTA: The Trilogy download size

  • GTA 3 original: 1.5 GB – GTA 3 Definitive: 5.3 GB
  • Vice City original: 2.4 GB – Vice City Definitive: 10.7 GB
  • San Andreas original: 3.2 GB – San Andreas Definitive: 22.6 GB

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