Apple to launch an autonomous car by 2025

The company is reportedly increasingly shifting its focus to the production of autonomous vehicles.

Apple wants to focus on developing the electric car. Also, according to Bloomberg, Apple is now shifting its focus to developing a fully self-driving car, not just a more conventional vehicle with semi-autonomous features. New project leader Kevin Lynchwants the first model to be an autonomous vehicle.

Apple to launch an autonomous car by 2025
Apple autonomous car (source: Apple)


Apple is secretive in developing an autonomous vehicle

The company is reportedly speeding up its plans to align everything. Apple reportedly aimed to launch an autonomous vehicle in five to seven years, while now it aims to be in 2025, or just four more years.

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It is believed that the plan is “fluid” and that everything revolves around Apple completing its full autonomous system on time. Apple has reportedly completed much of the “basic work” regarding the car’s processor.

Apple allegedly had ideas for an “ideal” interior with passenger seats with an infotainment system, sensitive to the touch located in the middle, did not provide a steering wheel or pedals. There was also talk of an emergency takeover mode by the driver. Apple has so far declined to comment on the allegations.

The new priority could help a project that has experienced several failures, including outgoing executives and nervous partners.

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Apple could match or beat current carmakers who plan to offer full or partial autonomy at about the same time, one of them being a company like VW.

However, full self-driving has many challenges, including difficult to predict traffic and weather problems such as snow. It would not be surprising that Apple will move the current deadline for the introduction of an autonomous car, or at least introduce an option that will require the driver to take control under certain conditions.

With this announcement Apples stock surged up 2%.

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source: theverge

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Apple shares surge on plans to have an autonomous vehicle by 2025

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