Five Tips for Saving Fuel Consumption

With a little awareness, while driving, it is possible to save up to 20 percent of fuel.

Regardless of whether the fuel is expensive or cheap, there is no need to spend money because when you realize how much you can save, you will be more satisfied. That’s why we’ve explored the key rules for driving as economically as possible. There is no special wisdom here, but some tips require strict discipline, but these are all factors that affect your final fuel consumption.

Let the savings begin: If you follow these five fuel-saving rules, price changes will no longer worry you.

Five Fuel-efficient Driving Techniques

5 Fuel-efficient Driving Techniques

  1. You can save both nerves and fuel by driving evenly

Driving includes active traffic monitoring with little braking and the use of car inertia. It is also important to keep the distance between the vehicles, which avoids braking and maintains the level of road safety. On fast roads and highways, if you drive at a speed of 150 km / h and higher, you significantly increase fuel consumption, so you prefer to drive 120 km / h at top speed and use cruise control, which will further help you save up to 5 percent of fuel. Predicting traffic situations will also help you avoid possible delays.

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  1. Drive at top speed and maintain speed

Shifting gears, or changing gears, is a simple action that can help you save fuel. When you start the vehicle, you can shift into second gear after only a few meters. You should always choose the right speed for your vehicle. So, as long as the vehicle goes smoothly, so without jerking and as long as there is no additional noise, the speed is as it should be. Of course, it is important to always adjust the speed to the conditions in which you are and watch the engine speed.

  1. Check tire pressure regularly

The value of the recommended tire pressure at full load is located on the fuel tank cap. When you make sure your tires are inflated to a written value because you reduce driving resistance and fuel consumption. Here you can save up to 15 percent of the total amount of fuel consumed while driving. With this in mind, when buying tires, you can look for those with lower driving resistance, which additionally saves fuel.

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  1. Aerodynamics also play a role

By reducing air resistance, you drive more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption, especially at higher speeds. Remove roof upgrades, such as luggage racks, bicycles, etc., if you do not need them during that ride. Leaving them for no reason means creating higher air resistance and higher fuel consumption. Also, do not leave windows open at speeds higher than 50 km / h. This creates additional resistance and increases fuel consumption again. Another trick you can take advantage of is a larger vehicle. If you notice a larger vehicle, such as a van, truck, bus, etc., while driving and following such a vehicle at a decent distance, use the air tunnel that creates the vehicle in front of you, thus reducing the air resistance on your vehicle.

  1. Organize your time, save on a warm engine
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If you have a lot of things you have to do every day and do each one separately, the engine of your car cools down between rides. When it is cold, the engine consumes more when reheated. By organizing your work and merging short parts into one, in which you can perform most of the daily tasks, you use the engine while it is warming up. It can reach the optimum operating temperature faster, so fuel consumption will be lower.

More ways to save fuel consumption

  • Avoid Long Idling
  • Clean Out the Trunk and Eliminate Unnecessary Weight
  • Don’t Buy Premium Fuel
  • Encourage Drivers to Observe Posted Speed Limits
  • Make Drivers Energy Conscious
  • Use Air Conditioning as less as you can
  • Anticipate Traffic Flow
  • Avoid Uphill Speed Increases
  • Use Cruise Control During Highway Driving
  • Avoid Aggressive Driving
  • Monitor Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Park in the Shade
  • Check the Web for the Best Fuel Deals
  • Fill Up in Mild Weather

5 Driving Hacks To Save Money On Gas

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