GTA Online: The Contract a new DLC story with Dr. Dre

However, Rockstar Games has also prepared something new for Grand Theft Auto Online. Next week, a new DLC story called “The Contract” will be released, and a special guest is the legendary rapper and producer Dr. Dre. Dre will go on an adventure with Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton.

GTA Online: The Contract
GTA Online: The Contract (source: Rockstar Games)

This also explains previous rumors about Snoop Dogg and Dr. Drea related to music in GTA games, because that is exactly the theme of this DLC. Namely, the main task of Lamar, Franklin and Drea is to find Dr. Dre’s smartphone that contains all his new songs. Namely, after the events in GTA 5, Franklin founded his own agency that solves the problems of various people celebrity, and together with his friend Lamar he tries to help Dre.

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As for the gaming experience itself, players will be able to walk the streets of the old Franklin neighborhood, take part in various dubious parties and meet various new characters.

GTA Online: The Contract release date

The Contract comes on December 15th 2021, along with a new interesting radio station. You have to admit, this is definitely more than we could have expected until Rockstar and GTA Online for this holiday season. The enthusiasm will, we hope, ultimately pay off.

source: gamesradar

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GTA Online: The Contract Trailer Featuring Franklin & Dr. Dre