Hatching horror movie 2022

Hatching 2022 Horror Movie Trailer, cast, plot

Watch the official trailer for the new Finnish horror film “Hatching”, which follows a young girl whose life turns into a nightmare when she discovers a mysterious egg hatching a strange creature.

A twelve-year-old girl encounters a mysterious bird egg in the woods. She decides to nurture it and keep it a secret. But to her surprise, a strange egg grows to human size. Then it hatches… and from there things only get weirder.

Hatching horror movie 2022 cast
Hatching 2022 Horror Movie cast  (source: youtube)

The film is the feature film debut of Finnish director Hanne Bergholm. The actors are Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkila, Saija Lentonen and Jani Volanen.

Hatching 2022 movie plot in short

12-year-old Tinja is desperate to please her mother, a woman obsessed with presenting the image of the perfect family. One night Tinja finds a strange egg. It’s amazing what comes up.

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Hatching movie release date

You can watch this extremely suspenseful horror movie Hatching 2022 movie in theaters on April 29, 2022 (United States)

Hatching movie cast and characters

  • Jani Volanen as Father
  • Reino Nordin as Tero
  • Siiri Solalinna as Tinja/Alli
  • Saija Lentonen as Coach
  • Sophia Heikkilä as Mother
  • Stefano Douaihy
  • Oiva Ollila as Matias
  • Hertta Karen as Alli early stages 2
  • Jonna Aaltonen as Alli early stages 1
  • Aada Punakivi as Gym Friend
  • Hertta Nieminen as Gym Friend
  • Stella Leppikorpi as Gym Friend

source: IMDB

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Hatching Movie Trailer