Honey as a medicine and food - the guardian of your health and immunity

Honey as a medicine and food, the guardian of your health and immunity

Honey as an elixir for the body

Honey is a food that plays an indescribably large role in human health. We can describe it as a real elixir for the body because it contains everything we need for our health. Its main role is to increase the body’s resistance to infections and thus helps us fight disease, but it is often used to calm, increase energy, stimulate mental activity. Honey is certainly one of the most special foods today. How can we consume it? In order for it to preserve its beneficial properties, we must pay attention to the following things:

We should never put it in boiling drinks, at a temperature over 45 degrees it loses its healing properties. If consuming it on a spoon one should avoid a metal spoon which affects the ph value of honey and also reduces its healing properties, a wooden spoon is recommended. We can consume this food every day without any fear of certain side effects, in fact, daily consumption is desirable because it is an herbal medicine that has many benefits for our body.

Various types of honey and their benefits on our health

Today, thanks to various chemical and biological properties, we have several types of honey at our disposal, each type has a different effect on our body and disease. We will list the most famous types of honey and what they are good for. Chestnut honey is at the very top, it is a reddish-brown honey that has a recognizable bitter bitter taste. It is considered to be one of the most healing types of honey and has a beneficial effect on the entire digestive system, improves blood pressure and circulation and can be used for all sorts of ailments.

Honey as a medicine and food - the guardian of your health and immunity
Honey as a medicine and food (source: Pinterest)

Meadows or flowers honey, it is characterized by a lighter color, has a pleasant taste and smell and today is found in almost every household. It is recommended as a supplement to the daily diet, helps with recovery and energy recovery. Acacia, light yellow to clear in color, is certainly one of the favorites because of its pleasant taste and mild aroma. It can help if you have problems with insomnia, if you are stressed or if you feel anxious.

Made of linden, it has a mild and pleasant taste and is almost transparent in color. It is used in diseases that have sweat as a side effect, it is good for revitalizing and calming cramps and mental tension. From lavender, it is known as one of the highest quality types of honey, it has an intense aroma and sharp taste. It helps with many ailments, but is mostly used for relaxation and sleep problems.

Health benefits of honey

We know how delicious honey is, but what are its benefits when it comes to our health? Honey is known for its high proportion of healthy antioxidants, antioxidants are now associated with a reduced risk of heart attack and certain types of cancer. It is also good for our skin, relieves diseases like dermatitis. By applying it directly to the skin, it reduces itching. It can be used to prepare healthy face and hair masks.

This food also serves as a substitute for sugar, especially in diabetics. It is an alternative cough medicine, with just one teaspoon a day it relieves the appearance of coughing and scratching in the throat. It also helps improve cholesterol levels, lowers bad LDL cholesterol and increases good HDL cholesterol in the body. We can use it as a probiotic.

It gives us a quick energy boost, more precisely helps in the regeneration of the body after a certain activity, it is recommended to consume one teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach every morning to have more energy throughout the day. Finally, certain scientific studies show that it helps prevent cancer, it has been successfully shown to develop lung cancer caused by cigarettes.

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source: webmd

What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Honey Every Day

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