Microsoft will discontinue support for Office 2013 within a year

Microsoft will discontinue support for Office 2013 within a year

Microsoft is preparing to discontinue application package support Office 2013 published more than nine years ago. The company recently informed customers about its plans to stop releasing security patches, so that they have enough time to upgrade to newer releases.

According to official documentation, Office 2013 will come to an end on April 11, 2023. The application package received five years of main support and four years of extended support (security updates and critical updates).

Here is Microsoft’s statement:

“After five years of major support and five years of extended support, Office 2013 will reach the end of extended support on April 11, 2023. According to fixed lifecycle guidelines, security updates for Office 2013 will no longer be available after this date.

Once Office 2013 reaches the end of support, Microsoft will not provide any new security updates, and continuing to use Office 2013 after April 2023 may increase your organization’s exposure to security risks or affect your ability to meet compliance obligations. “

Discontinuing support does not mean that applications will stop working. Users are free to continue using Office 2013 after April 2023, but they must keep in mind that a lack of support increases security risks. Also, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support after the specified lifetime date, and customers may face various reliability issues with Microsoft 365, writes Bleeping computer.

Office 2013 users can choose to subscribe to Office 365 to update their Office applications regularly and receive regular feature updates. Microsoft also sells permanent Office 2021 licenses for those who prefer one-time purchases.

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