How to clean a computer

How to clean a computer

If you are interested in how to clean your computer, you are in the right place. Computers or computers are very important devices in our lives, because by using computers we can perform various daily tasks much faster and easier. Computers are also very high quality devices, which are very difficult to break down. However, computers are known to process data more slowly and process tasks over time. This fact is mainly related to the congestion of the computer, whether it is software “garbage” or dust in the computer case. Dust is a big problem for all devices, but it can be very easily removed and cleaned.

Computers are particularly prone to “garbage” in the form of remnants of files that are not completely deleted and similar unfinished software operations. Also, the work of computers is mostly bothered by too much data, which can be compared to a garage that is cluttered with various things that we do not need for a long time, but for some reason we keep them until they start to create problems and take up valuable space. It’s the same with a computer, so it’s one way how to clean a computer just to delete or uninstall any programs or files that we don’t need.

How to clean your computer by deleting and uninstalling

How to clean your computer by deleting redundant files and uninstalling programs you no longer use is very simple. First of all, check which programs you have installed on your operating system. Next, make a list of programs you haven’t used in a long time. Within the control panel you can find all installed programs, and one of the data you can check is when you last used a particular program. So uninstall any programs you haven’t used in a long time.

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Additionally, delete any additional files that were created during program installation, as not all program-related files are often removed during the program uninstall process. Such files are the most common causes of computer data congestion and slower performance. Delete or move any media files you don’t need to free up memory and speed up your computer. There are also various programs that you can download online to help you how to clean a computerin such a way that it will delete files and programs that have been inactive for a long time, as well as the history of Internet search, which slows down the work of the Internet browser.

How to clean your computer from dust

Question how to clean a computer we usually ask ourselves when the computer starts to process data and processes more slowly. Everything related to cleaning your computer, if you are not sure what and how to do it, is best left to authorized service technicians. Some things are unnecessary to pay for, because you can easily make them yourself. One of those things is how to clean your computer from dust. Dust is a big problem and by regularly cleaning your computer of dust, it will extend the life of your computer.

All you need to do to clean the computer from dust is unplug it, remove the sides of the case and with a small brush, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from all parts inside the computer case. It is recommended that you clean your computer of dust and unnecessary files and programs at least once a year to keep your computer running for as long as possible. With the computer as with all other devices, we simply need to maintain and service it regularly.

How to clean your computer Tips

  1. Wipe down your computer
  2. Clean Your keyboard
  3. Blow dust buildup out of computer vents, fans and accessories
  4. Run check disk tool
  5. Check surge protector
  6. Keep PC ventilated
  7. Back up your hard drives
  8. Get antivirus software to protect from malware
  9. Update your software and programs
  10. Declutter your software programs

source: norton

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