new 2022 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle

New 2022 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle ready for markets around the world

New 2022 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle
2022 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle (source Honda)

2022 Honda Rebel 250 Specs

Honda has unveiled a new Rebel 250 model in a 2022 variant. The motorcycle will find its place in the cruiser line of the Japanese company, together with the more powerful variants of 500 and 1,000 cubic meters.

According to Honda, the Rebel 250 is powered by a single-cylinder unit with a volume of 249 cubic meters and a six-speed transmission, while drivers will have 25.6 hp and 22 Nm of maximum torque at their disposal.

2022 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle in blue color
2022 Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle (source Honda)

The new Rebel 250 comes with a low-set seat (690 mm), while the footrests are positioned to offer comfortable and relaxed driving ergonomics. This makes the new model suitable for novice drivers.

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2022 Honda Rebel 250 Release Date

According to available information, the “baby” Rebel will be on sale from January 2022.

Meanwhile, allegations from the Japan suggest that the motorcycle will be available in markets around the world. So far, only customers in Japan have been able to enjoy it.

source: Honda

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Honda Rebel 2022 – Honda Rebel 250 S Edition / First Look

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