Realme MagDart is the first magnetic wireless charger for Android

According to GSMArena, Realme is a MagDart wireless charger that magnetically attaches to the back of the Realme Flash phone to charge it.

Wireless charging is not exactly new. Nevertheless, there are limitations, because, for example, devices must be placed in certain positions for wireless charging to be successful. It’s not always easy to do, everyone who has used it knows it very well. However, Apple solved this problem quite elegantly by introducing a magnet.

Apple’s MagSafe technology uses fairly strong magnets to align the coils to charge and hold the phone and charger in place. This system has also made room for magnetic cases and additional wireless batteries that attach easily to the iPhone while being easy to remove. It looks like the upcoming Realme Flash will have a similar feature with a name that Apple fans won’t like.

Unlike Apple’s more sophisticated MagSafe accessories, the MagDart looks like a big box with a fan in it. The latter probably prevents overheating during wireless charging of the phone to 15W.

Realme Flash, First Android Smartphone with magnetic wireless charging Support (MagDart) Specs

Details about the Realme Flash phone itself, the first Android device to be able to use the magnetic wireless charging option, are currently very few, but expected specifications include the Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage.

  • Snapdragon 888
  • 12GB+256GB
  • Android 11 ( Realme UI 2.0)
  • Magnetic Wireless Charging
  • Curved Display
  • Triple Rear Camera

Realme is the first to bring magnetic wireless charging to Android

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