Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek in a BMW iX

BMW premiered an advertisement for the new, fully electric BMW iX model, which was broadcast during the spectacular sports event “Super Bowl 2022”, and the main roles went to legendary actors Arnold Schwerzenegger and Salma Hayek.

Schwarzenegger played the role of Zeus, the Greek god of lightning, while Hayek plays his wife Hera, who moved from Olympus to Palm Springs, California after retiring.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek in a BMW iX
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek in a BMW iX, Super Bowl commercial (source: BMW)

However, Zeus was tired of the monotony of his retirement days, while the main heroine of the story, Hera, completely adapted to the circumstances of ordinary earthly life. To bring a little excitement back to Zeus’ life, Hera is giving Zeus a new, electric BMW iX 2023 with which, like the god of lightning, he is having fun in a whole new way.

The end of the video is symbolically accompanied by Andy Grant’s song “Electric Avenue”, while Zeus uses his electric forces to change the lights at the traffic lights to green.

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“Fully electric mobility is at the heart of the BMW brand,” said Jens Timer, senior vice president of customer and brand at BMW AG, adding that “there is no better place to express this attitude than in front of a television audience that is among the largest in the world.” the spectators are present both because of the commercials and because of the game. With Arnold and Salma, we are able to show the world the new 2023 BMW iX in an unforgettable and impressive way. ”

“The humor is that the legendary lightning god, who should be indestructible, has problems with everyday electronics,” Schwarzenegger said. “Only when his brilliant wife gives him a fully electric 2023 BMW iX, Zeus is permeated by a powerful force of electricity and he is completely rejuvenated.”

New BMW iX M60 2023 electric SUV front side view
New BMW iX M60 2023 electric SUV (source: BMW) 

The video was created by the leading BMW creative agency in the USA, Goodby Silverstein and partners, and was directed by twice-Oscar-nominated director Brian Buckley, highly regarded for his work on more than 65 commercials for the Super Bowl.

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“This is my first Super Bowl commercial and the first time I’ve played a Greek goddess,” said Salma Hayek. “Seventy-five percent of married decisions about how to spend money are made by women, and in this ad, it is the woman who decides to buy a suitable car that will return her husband to his old self. Of course, advertising is fun, but it is also an element of real human truth. “

“I have directed more than 60 videos for the Super Bowl. “I’ve never worked with stars bigger than the two of them,” said director Brian Buckley. “When I saw Schwarzenegger’s name on the script, I immediately agreed, and only Salma – so there is no better actress than her.”

“This famous annual event surpasses sports and it is not just a game to win the title of champion. It’s a cultural phenomenon where viewers pay even more attention when the action on the ground stops, “said Rich Silverstein, co-founder and co-founder of Goodby Silverstone and partner.

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“There is only one person on the planet who could say for himself that he is Zeus, and that is Arnold. And there is only one brand worth calling the ultimate electric driving machine, and that is BMW. We had to show it in a grand way. “

BMW’s latest Super Bowl commercial was shown in 2015 for the BMW i3 model, which was a pioneer of electromobility and later one of the best-selling electric vehicles in the world.

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Zeus & Hera: Director’s Cut | BMW USA (Official Video)