End for Mercedes A class 2025

Mercedes-Benz will end production of the A-Class in 2025, reports the German business and financial newspaper Handelsblat, citing sources from the company. The report states that the members of the board of directors decided not to replace the current A class when its production cycle is over.

According to these allegations, the fourth generation A class, which we have known since 2018, will be produced until 2025 as a hatchback and sedan, but no direct successor is planned.

The same text also talks about the abolition of the related B class in 2025.

The decision to shut down the A and B classes comes at a time when Mercedes-Benz is trying to increase the number of fully electric models, as well as the number of luxury models that bring higher profits.

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The German company will not completely abandon the compact car segment. In the future, Mercedes will focus on the production of models that will fill the catalog of today’s CLA, GLA and GLB, and these cars will move from today’s MFA platform to the new MMA structure.

The MMA platform is conceived as the basis of hybrid and fully electric models and will use the new MB.OS operating system, said Mercedes Chief Technology Officer Marcus Schaefer. He said that Mercedes plans to offer four models in this segment instead of the current seven.

source: autocar

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