How much nails need to grow

How long do nails need to grow

How long do nails need to grow if damaged

Maintaining your nails is a matter of personal hygiene for all people. Whether you prefer nails that are short trimmed or maybe nicely shaped long nails, it’s good to know how long your nails need to grow. While maintaining nails is a tedious hassle for some, other people attach great importance to their nails and their appearance.

Today, primarily women pay more attention to their nails, but in the past, varnishing and nail care was even more related to men. Regardless of your usual practice, it’s not bad to know how long do nails need to grow since it can happen to anyone that their fingernail breaks or they start to leaf. If the crack is not in an awkward place, it should not be a problem to shorten the nail, but you must have wondered how long it will take to return to the same level as others and whether there is a method to accelerate nail growth. The average weekly growth is about 1 millimeter but there are factors that can speed it up.

How long does it take for nails to grow and what affects it

How long it takes for nails to grow will depend on a number of factors. So for example nails grow faster on your dominant hand. It is assumed that the reason is that the dominant hand is used more, so there is a higher chance of damage to the nails. If the body detects any damage to the nail, it will try to heal it which will result in faster growth.

How long do nails need to grow
How long do nails need to grow (source: Pinterest)

Your nails will also grow faster on the larger fingers, so the growth on the little finger is the slowest. How much nails need to grow it is conditioned by your age as well as the seasons. Younger people grow nails faster, especially if they are under thirty or are in their teens. Older people have somewhat slower circulation which is believed to affect slower growth. Your nails will also grow faster in summer than in winter, and even the change of night and day will have a big impact. It is interesting to know that nails grow twice as fast during the day as at night, and grow four times faster on the hands than on the feet.

How long do nails need to grow and how to accelerate growth

As we have mentioned, a number of external factors affect how long it takes for nails to grow but there are also methods that you can use yourself to speed up nail growth. If you want your nails to be firm and healthy, you should pay attention to nutrition and adequate hand protection. Nails on the hands start to crack or peel more easily if we do not eat enough variety.

In this way, the body shows us that we should change something. Along with a varied diet, it is recommended that you take biotin if you have problems with your nails or hair. Biotin is also known as vitamin H, and is available in every drugstore. Nails can also crack if they have had too much contact with strong chemicals, such as when cleaning, or if you spend a long time outside in the cold. Use protective gloves and moisturizers for hand and nail care and you will be surprised how long do nails need to grow with adequate care and nursing.

source: healthline

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